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Chaotic and Lyrical Collections
Artistic Expressions by Chante Stephens

Explore a symphony of colors and emotions in each original masterpiece, as Chante invites you to experience her unique vision and creativity. Welcome to a visual journey that transcends boundaries and sparks the imagination.

Khaotic Collection

About Me

I'm an Abstract Expressionist working primarily with acrylics. Within the realm of abstract art, my style can be described as a fusion of controlled chaos, grunge aesthetics, and the fluidity of contemporary art. To bring my creations to life, I employ an arsenal of tools, including brushes, spatulas, palette knives, grout tools, paint scrapers, and sometimes even the visceral energy of air guitar performances.

IMG_3301 2.jpg

Fun Fact

My artistic inspiration often stems from music, drawing from a wide spectrum of genres that fuel my creative process. In fact, I find it liberating to channel the raw energy of an air guitarist before I put brush to canvas.

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All paintings are originals, select paintings have print options.

Please email to make an inquiry.

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